2017: A retrospective Yarn

I don’t know have I ever done this or not before. Maybe no, maybe yes ! But I have to do it this time.

Whenever I open any social media handle, I’m stuck with all those year ending tentacles that makes me wonder how exactly was my 2017 and how the year has shaped my demeanor. So here it goes.

I had lot of things in my bucket list, or as I call it, aspiration list that I wanted to do always. But then call it my resistance or lack of momentum, they were just aspirations. Somewhere 2017, made those aspirations come surface.

To start, results of most of those competitive exams I give preceding year were due in January this year, and I did horrible.
The start definitely doesn’t shows the day. (Lesson 1)

But what ensued was indeed a roller coaster ride. February first week, hosted a national fest, won another, represented college at national level, sat and cracked a job interview, and landed myself an internship. All of those in a week. Good things do come in bulk (Lesson 2)

College was nearing end, so friendship grew stronger. We started hanging a lot and even more. New bonding, new people and new faces incorporated. Friendships indeed go a long way (Lesson 3)

The best is yet to come. Something I wasn’t even ready, or say, I wasn’t even aware.  Presenting my dissertation paper in an International conference was my dream. Winning the best paper globally wasn’t, call it bolt of out blue. My school Felicitated me, something I always wanted them to do for other things 😛 . My college acknowledged that fact and my parents, well they couldn’t be any happier. If you work hard for something, good things will definitely tag along (Lesson 4)

Cracked one professional exam, sat for another. Made some really good friends, made a best friend , left previous friends , left previous close friends . Well had all sorts of permutation and combination of friendship. Need to have my priority clear for friendship (Lesson 5)

Started my long thought venture, co-partnered in another. Got into an International Organization, working on another to make it international. Started looking after family business and took up article-ship. Professionally, a learning year. The time you invest in learning now, will reap in future. Today’s pain is tomorrow’s gain. (Lesson 6)

The best of all, my words. They made me more strong, more capable and more worthy. Never ever leave your passion.  (Biggest Lesson)

So, this is how all of these made my 365 days pass. Had been an amazing journey altogether. As Mathew McConaughey once said, the person I aspire is me 10 years ahead. Well, the person I aspire is me tomorrow.

Looking forward to another set of 365 opportunities. Another year. Changing calendar, Old goals, Newer steps, Un-achieved Accomplishments.


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