Dear Love

Dear Love,

It’s been a long time,
Since I pondered over this question
that lingers , hangs and is always left unanswered.
And from time immemorial
has left human race in oblivion
Who are you ?


One of my previous compositions,
Just like many other forgotten infinites,
Questioned you !
But failed to know
the mysterious thing that you’re
that binds the strangers.


Not only strangers, but abstracts
So, are you an absence of hatred ?
Can’t be !
So, are you an ignorance of egoism ?
Shouldn’t be
Or are you fakeness manifested ?
Blur, is what I’m left with.


‘I love you’ is most common phrase
‘I love you too’, uncommon
So if everyone has it ,
then why everyone is searching for it ?

After all of these, I’m left with only one thing:

I know you’re what my neighbour does with its pet
I know you’re what a kid next door does it with his playground
I know you’re what a mother feels when she feeds her child
I know you’re what I do with my words

I know you’re beyond our comprehension 🙂


– With Love


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