The flight flew towards the sunset
Maybe not only the flight,
But the love
She was left dejected
He, shattered to pieces

She never thought he would confess
The palpable love that once blossomed
At the threshold of her separation
From everything that made her
Remind him.

The love that once shone
But his mistake made it fade away
Into the oblivion
And seven years it had been
Until he showed up, once again.

Maybe she wasn’t her lobster really,
Maybe , that wasn’t a break
Maybe, it was a mistake
Maybe, she did board the plane
Maybe, Ross and Rachel weren’t meant to be together.

But then love isn’t distributed in maybes
And Love isn’t about could bes either
It is pure
And certain
And know no bounds

For Ross, it was just the matter of time
For Rachel, just a realization was enough
From Pilot to Finale and
From London to Vegas
The Love was always there

Because he was her lobster, really
Because they were on a break
Because it was definitely a mistake
Because, she didn’t board the plane
Because, they were meant to be together !


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