Hide and Seek !

No matter what other calls you, success or failure, what matters is what you perceive of yourself. Our deeds and results do not require a authentication of someone else. We aren’t a payment gateway, right ? So, it’s up to you how you see it.

Successful people will never commit their success. It is us, who do that. Similarly, failing is in our mind. You don’t fail by results, you fail by your thinking.

If you never fail, you’ll never know how it feels like to win. Remember, only a failure can enjoy the true worth of a success.

There is no better feeling in this world than failing, gathering up and winning over it. That moment, that very moment, will be gold. Will be precious. Will be itched, forever.

So make it your only goal, that you have to work for your ” *that moment* ” and you won’t stop until you achieve it. Because sweet heart, if you have the persistence to face a failure, then you definitely deserve to enjoy the mirth of a win.

You’ll hear a lot of criticism, a lot of mocking, even rejections. But hey, it’s fine. To shine like a star, you’ve burn like a sun. People will tell you lot of negatives. They never had guts to do that’s why they don’t want you to. Successful person will never say that you can’t be one. Failures do.

Again, you’re a human being, not a payment gateway. Don’t require others to authenticate that. So be like one and justify but yes, don’t dignify their opinion. Because, they’ll change as and when you perform. Act, don’t speak.

Let the proclaimation of success be so loud, that a criticism of loss sounds bleak, like a speck. But for that, you have to give in your everything. Be lost, be hidden and work silently so that few days/ months /years later, world seeks you.

Because, you’re awesome mate, you’re awesome. It’s just, tough time is around. This too shall pass. Keep up the good work and yours will be the world and everything that’s in it.

Pic courtesy : Shutter Shock


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