14 Brutal truths about life

Below are some of the brutal truths of our present millennials. Sooner or later, one comes across these in whatever form.

All the thoughts expressed are authors own contribution and he is solely and entirely responsible. Any resemblance with reality, is true and has been intentionally done. 

  1. People don’t value you until you have done something bigger/better than what they have. If they are valuing, don’t heed, it’s just charity. maxresdefault
  2. Big people don’t have time. Successful people do. Try to differentiate.
  3. If you think that once you’re grown up, you’ll be successful. No brother. There is no magic in it. You have to start now. And even then, the conversion rate is so less. Think about it.
  4. Stop looking for people to give you sympathy.It is you who has to create the life story you want to read. write-your-story-pihynf
  5. If you don’t value yourself, why will others. Put a price tag on yourself. Have some stand. You don’t owe anything to the world. You’re just a speck. Value yourself. Don’t seek it from others. They won’t. After all, why will they? 1022489
  6. Your silence doesn’t matter to others until they want it to. If you think, being silent will help your cause, you’re just proving them right. Refute and fight for yourself. Your action speaks more than words. Always remember.
  7. No one is too busy to be in touch/reply. It all comes down to priorities. If at all it matter, they’ll. CHw3oEkUYAAaozs
  8. People will have opinion and most of them will be bad. Ignore them like bad comments on facebook.
  9. You don’t own anyone. Anyone. People will do what they want to. They don’t care about you. Learn to live with it.
  10. Don’t expect, Accept whatever comes through.  Learn expectation management, because if you’re not, they hurt. 378733_197317093676743_100001953613411_428383_1101942831_n(1)
  11. You cannot make everyone happy, you aren’t a jar of nutella.
  12. This time, this people and this moment is temporary and will not matter in few weeks/months/years. Start making a life for yourself. Remember its always better to cry in Ferari on the Shoulder’s of  VS Model than cribbing whole life on streets.
  13. No one is gonna change your life. No one. It is you who’ll make all the difference. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  14. Things won’t last forever. Accept it ! No one stays forever and no one will be there as and when you want.

Pic credits: life hacks, INC and Healing.com


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