This Holi won’t be the same

Hello Bhaiya,

I will finally have a home this holi. Remember how we use to muse about the holi celebration all the time. As you know, this holi I am moving with my new family. They have said that I’ll have two caring people whom, after four years if my life, I have to call maa-papa. I’ll also have an older brother.

But bhaiya , this holi won’t be same. I’ll miss those small packets of sweets which you use to hide from me. I’ll miss those hide and seek for colours. And also, the long lasting wait for new clothes.

Bhaiya, you were the first thing I saw when i came in this world and living without you is difficult and different. Though I am moving out, I’ll miss the holi spent with you, Monu, rinki and others in the NGO.

I’ll have home, new clothes , many new colours, family to celebrate, but I won’t have you. This holi will have same lights, sounds and colours but it won’t have your shoulders on which I use to see those.

There are new colours adding to my life, but I won’t forget the stain of old ones. I’ll miss you.

I wish you also get a family soon.

Your little sister


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