Dear Younger me

If our mathematics marks reflect our true calculation skill, then you must be some where in class 12th.

You are growing up young lad.

I know there are lot of things going in your mind. Eventually they’ll not be true or are very meager. So chill.

You’re intellient, you’ll do good.Push little more and you’re there.

So stop, hark and FOCUS.
Good things will happen to you
Always be good to people and be thankful. People are good, try to understand them.

Don’t make enemies, all are friends.

Life is about to go on a nitro boost mode
So watch out for turns and twist
Do leave your lane and Explore but always remember your house.

Don’t take pressure. You do go when you are cool.

Enjoy that back bench.
You’re gonna miss that.
Don’t fall for girls. Somewhere in the journey till here they will happen. So be relaxed

Listen to everyone but do what you think is apt for you. Ultimately it is you, who has to face consequences.

Think and act but don’t over think.

You are about to meet new people and make new friends. Cling to them. They will remain. Don’t lose out on people. They are inherently good.

And Always remember, Life is Good.

I wish I could be more specific and tell you the mistakes and regrettable incidents, but life is a game without CLT+Z (Undo) . So just FOCUS.

You have amazing and worth three years.
Use it well.
Learn, make mistakes, Explore but always FOCUS.
With love and anticipation
Your elder you


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