It’s Winter Again

Again the leaves have started shedding.
The air tastes chillness
And the vision : Bleak.
Sun had scattered its last ray of warmth
Home coming bells were knelling.
He rose, looked up and exclaimed, “Winter has come, just like the last time”.
And started packing his belongings.
Memories of his lost love was as fresh as the setting winter
Around the same time, an year ago
Winter had set in in his life, Forever.
He rose up, wore his jacket, and with his belongings
Plough the home backward.
The journey was same, the destination wasn’t.
The loving await-full eyes changed to lonely teary ones.
And greetings are reduced to dark barren walls.
A year it has been and nothing has changed.
The milieu was same, the setting alike.
The silent eerie had grip the surrounding.
The light, the degree, the vigour
All were down.

Is the spring of his life, too far ?


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