“You are an amazing writer”,
Read the first comment.
” You should write often! Awesome they are ”
The ceremonial dubiousness started.
That shut me down.

They ask me write more,
I sigh “Can’t”, ” Can’t Die more, Can’t Cry more”,
These hard suppressed feelings that abode within,
Are pouring, to be suppressed again.
Only few sneak out to be a creation.

There is no amazingness in crying,
There is no awesomeness in remembering the forbidden one,
You call it a phenomenal work
Look from my vision
It is just a portray of my inner brawl.

This! This piece of melange
Of Pen, Paper and Pain.
With last one dominant, is just a manifestation
Of unduly suffering that has gulped me within.
Only to achieve content: the eternal peace of mind.


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