A story in her eyes

Two hours and still a blank page,
The girl mused on her lost companion,
“All are lost”, cried she,
The emotions let pass her eyes,
And took the place of words on paper.

The day had been terrible for her,
She thought the enumerate this to her companion,
But alas! She can’t.
Happiness and companionship both faded away
And the story of her fate is untold.

Few days back, Our Girl,
the creative writing winner,
thought of turning her passion to profession,
She started to write for others,
And reckoning her companion every now and then,
Which made him angry and sick.

And now when she actually needs him,
The companion is indignant,
Bad day at work and resentful companion
Made our worthy girl desolate,
And the story remains bounded in her eyes.


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